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Historic Waxcraft specializes in producing museum quality reproductions of seals; the wax impressions applied to documents to validate and authenticate them as signatures do today. They have been used in one form or another for thousands of years.

We offer collectors virtually exact impressions of the originals, just as they would have adorned important documents and charters, such as the Magna Carta or the Louisiana Purchase. These reproductions are highly valued for their historic and aesthetic significance.

The Wieber Collection has an extensive private collection of thousands of secular and ecclesiastic seals, both originals and impressions from originals, from numerous countries around the world. Our reproductions are created from this collection. The original impressions are generally made from waxes and resins, and for authenticity, our reproductions are cast using our own specialized wax-resin mixture with a very high melting point that is a durable, hard material that delivers a perfect copy to display. In addition to our vast seal collection, we offer other authentic reproductions including gingerbread molds, medieval ivories, and other historical art objects.

All of our reproductions make exquisite wall hangings and unique gifts for anyone who appreciates art or history, or teaching tools for the historian. Each comes with an attached description on the reverse side as well as embedded hanger for easy display on a wall or in a shadow box.

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