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Architects of St. Peter Cathedral in the Vatican  1500$28.00    
Fabian Weickmann(Titular) Bishop of Philadelphia (in Arabia) and Auxiliary Bishop of Eichstätt, Germany 1519 [tenure 1514 - 1526]$38.00   Philadelphia in Arabia, now Amman in Jordan
Dorpat CathedralSeal of the Cathedral 1274$38.00   Dorpat (=Tartu, in Estoian) is the second-larges tcity in Estonia. At that time (1274, the year of the document) it was under the rule of the Germanic Order (Land-Master Ernst von Rassburg 1273 - 1279.
Laibach (Ljubljana)Seal of the Chapter of the Church 1494$38.00   Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. Because now it is part of the European union with the Euro as official currency, payment for this seal can be made in Euros (€ 17.00)
TullnSeal of the Priorate of the Cloister 1601$28.00   The town of Tulln is in Lower Austria. The large Dominican Convent and small Monastery were founded in 1283 by Rudolf I. It was one of the privileged and best endowed institutions of the Habsburgs. After the Convent and Priory repeatedly were damaged by fire in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries they were finally dissolved by Josef II.
St. George of FerraraSeal of the Association of St. George 13th century (late)$34.00   Association or Guild. in this context, means a religious Order of Knights
DannebrogSeal of the Order institued by Christian Voverse available (and reverse to be added soon)1671$48.00   According to legend the Order of Danebrog was founded by Waldemar II, King of Denmark in the year 1219. Documented is the fact that it was reestablished by Christian V in the year 1671. Our relatively large double-sided seal we obtained detached from a document. 1671 is the year of the foundation.
Berthold (Germanic Order 3)Landcomptur (General) of the Germanic Order 1346$28.00   The Germanic Order is also referred to as Teutonic Order (In German: Deutscher Ritterorden). The image on the seal does not depict Berthold by Jesus Christ on a donkey.
Order of Carmelites (1)Chapter General of the Order of the Blessed Mary of Mt. CarmelSeal of the Order of the Carmelites17th century$38.00   Founded in the middle of the 12th century by Crusaders and Pilgrims on Mount Carmel in Palestine. In 1238 the Order retreated to Europe where it spread over many countries.
Order of Carmelites (2)Order of the Blessed Mary of Mt. CarmelSeal of the Vicariate for Silesia (bronze matrix)17th century$28.00   The matrix for this seal is in the Wieber collection.
Germanic Order 1 Seal of the Regensburg Command 13th century$38.0055 x 61 mm  Germanic Order = Teutonic Order = Deutscher Ritterorden
Garcia Gonzalez de ArauzoMaster of the Order of St.James of the Sword (Order of Santiago)* 1214$38.0045 x 25 mm  * \"Orden militar de Santiago de Espada\". The Emblem of the Order of Santiago was a Sword with a Scallop, clearly visible on our seal.
St. Knud of Kolding (Denmark)Guild (Order) of St. Knud of Kolding, Duke of SchleswigSeal of the Guild1325$34.00    
Germanic Order (2)Seal of the Mergentheim Command 1214 - 1220$28.0035 / 45 mm  Germanic Order = Teutonic Order = Deutscher Ritterorden
Balduin IKing of JerusalemLead Bulla1118$28.00   In English his name is usually spelled Balwin. We do not know if the use of this seal was continued by his successor Baldwin II without changes.
Jean de Brienne / John of BrienneKing of JerusalemLead Bulla1210 - 1212$28.00   Jean de Brienne = John of Brienne = Johann von Brienne from 1212 - 1225 he was Regent of the Kingdom of Jerusalem for Isabella II. (Jolande) of Brienne
Antonius (Antony Bek)Titular Latin Patriarch of Jerusalemhis seal as Patriarch1306 - 1311$48.00105 mm  He was Bishop of Durham. He was also named Patriarch of Jerusalem on February 26, 1306 by Pope Clement V. Edward II made him Lord of the Isle of Man.

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