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Hugo de Loubenx VerdalaGrand Master of the Order of San Juan of Jerusalem 1589 date of document, tenure: 1582 - 1595$28.0054 mm  Also Cardinal Deacon of St. Mary in Portico (1587)
Knights Templar (4)Wildgraf, Master of the Knights TemplarLead Bulla (obverse)1289$24.00   According to Archive information, Master Wildgraf used the same reverse as the Grand Master. Perhaps there are differences but my microscopic inspection did not reveal any.
St. George of FerraraSeal of the Association of St. George 13th century (late)$34.00   Association or Guild. in this context, means a religious Order of Knights
DannebrogSeal of the Order institued by Christian Voverse available (and reverse to be added soon)1671$48.00   According to legend the Order of Danebrog was founded by Waldemar II, King of Denmark in the year 1219. Documented is the fact that it was reestablished by Christian V in the year 1671. Our relatively large double-sided seal we obtained detached from a document. 1671 is the year of the foundation.
Berthold (Germanic Order 3)Landcomptur (General) of the Germanic Order 1346$28.00   The Germanic Order is also referred to as Teutonic Order (In German: Deutscher Ritterorden). The image on the seal does not depict Berthold by Jesus Christ on a donkey.
Order of Carmelites (1)Chapter General of the Order of the Blessed Mary of Mt. CarmelSeal of the Order of the Carmelites17th century$38.00   Founded in the middle of the 12th century by Crusaders and Pilgrims on Mount Carmel in Palestine. In 1238 the Order retreated to Europe where it spread over many countries.
Order of Carmelites (2)Order of the Blessed Mary of Mt. CarmelSeal of the Vicariate for Silesia (bronze matrix)17th century$28.00   The matrix for this seal is in the Wieber collection.
Germanic Order 1 Seal of the Regensburg Command 13th century$38.0055 x 61 mm  Germanic Order = Teutonic Order = Deutscher Ritterorden
Knights Templar (1)Seal of the Order of the Knights TemplarWax seal, single sided12th - 13th century$28.00    
Garcia Gonzalez de ArauzoMaster of the Order of St.James of the Sword (Order of Santiago)* 1214$38.0045 x 25 mm  * \"Orden militar de Santiago de Espada\". The Emblem of the Order of Santiago was a Sword with a Scallop, clearly visible on our seal.
Knights Templar (2) Grand Master of the Knights TemplarLead Bulla (obverse)13th century$24.00    
St. Knud of Kolding (Denmark)Guild (Order) of St. Knud of Kolding, Duke of SchleswigSeal of the Guild1325$34.00    
Germanic Order (2)Seal of the Mergentheim Command 1214 - 1220$28.0035 / 45 mm  Germanic Order = Teutonic Order = Deutscher Ritterorden
Balduin IKing of JerusalemLead Bulla1118$28.00   In English his name is usually spelled Balwin. We do not know if the use of this seal was continued by his successor Baldwin II without changes.
Jean de Brienne / John of BrienneKing of JerusalemLead Bulla1210 - 1212$28.00   Jean de Brienne = John of Brienne = Johann von Brienne from 1212 - 1225 he was Regent of the Kingdom of Jerusalem for Isabella II. (Jolande) of Brienne
Fra\' Ferdinand Joseph Hermann Anton von Hompesch zu BolheimFrater Freiherr von Hompesch Gr. Master of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem ( = Order of Malta)Prersonal Seal1787 - 1799$28.00   He was the 71st and, up to that time, first and only German Grand Master of St. John of Jerusalem ( = the Order of Malta }, a position he occupied from 17 July 1797 to 6 July 1799. In order to preempt Napoleon from becoming the Grand Master of the order, Ferdinand von Hompesch abdicated from his position in favor of the Russian Czar Paul. (Actually, this is only a very condensed version of the real circumstances which are more complex). For more information use Google.
Foulque de Villaret, Frater25th Grand Master of the Order of the Knights Hospitaller 1307$28.00   On the seal we see the title FRATER. He was certainly a Frater of the Order of the Hospiallers; very likely he used additionally a different seal as Grand Master (i.e. between 1305 and 1319, the year of his resignation from that post. Then he continued living simply as a Frater and died in 1327.
Knights Templar (3)Grand Master of the Knights TemplarLead Bulla (reverse)13th century$24.00    
Knights Templar (5) Wildgraf, Master of the Knights TemplarLead Bulla (reverse)1289$24.00    

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