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DargunCistercian monastery 12th century$38.00   Founded in 1172 by Danish monks. Destroyed 1n 1198, Rebuilt 1n 1556 as a castle. Destroyed in 1637, rebuilt and destroyed again in 1945. Restauration (as Renaissance castle) begun in 1994, by now probably completed.
BredelarCistercian monastery 1335$34.00   It was founded in 1170 originally as a Paemonstratensian Convent. In 1196 it was conveted into a Cistercian monastery. During the Napoleonic secularization the monastery was dissolved. Since 1990 there there have been attempts to restore it.
KampCistercian monastery 1123 founded$28.00    Kamp was the first Cistercian monastery on German territory. It was destroyed in the early 15th century, rebuilt in the 17th century and fell victim to the secularization in 1802. The church is still in use today.
AltenbergCistercian Monastery 12th century$24.00   The Cistercian Monastery was founded in 1133. It was dissolved in 1803. In 1847 it was again consecrated by the Prussian king Wilhel IV as a place of worship for all denominations.
St.Bernard   $24.00    
AgnesAbbess of the (Cistercian) Convent in Seligenthal 15th century$48.0066 x 40 mm ; 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 in   Seligenthal is in Bavaria (Landshut)
Raitenhaslach Cistercian monastery 14th century$48.002.0 in  Raitenhaslach is the oldest Cistercian monastery in Bavaria. It was founded in 1143 at a different location but in 1145 moved to Burghausen. The monastery had extensive possessions in Bavaria and Austria. In 1803 it fell victim to the general secalurisation. The monastery is documented to have had a brewery since 1313
RiddagshausenCistercian Monastery 13th century;$48.0075 mm ; 2.9 in  The Cistertian monastery in Riddagshausen was founded in 1145. 1n 1934, Riddagshausen was incorporated into the city of Braunschweig. One of the buildings of the former monastery houses now a Cistertian museum. ( Zisterziensermuseum )

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