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Medical Faculty of the University of Paris  1398$28.00    
Hagenau (Haguenau) City Seal14th c$38.00    
Strasbourg (Straßburg) 1 (Elsaß) City Seal14th century$48.00   Elsaß / Elsass (Alsace), in German historically combined with Lothringen (Lotharingia = Lorraine) a region in Europe over which there had been a constant dispute since the 9th century after the death of Lothar I (see: Carolingian)
Strasbourg (Straßburg) 2City Seal 1457$38,00    
Childerich I(Merowingian) King of the Franks  458-481$28.00    The first historically documented Merowingian king. His sealing ring had been found in his grave, then it was stolen; however, an impression had remained, from which our copy was derived.
Dagobert I(Merowingian) King of the Franks30mm 628$28.0020mm  since 523 King of Austrasia; King of all Franks 628 - 638
Merowingian ringProbably a Majordomocopper ring seal6th or 7th century$28.00   Original owner not known - now in Wieber museum.
CharlemagneKing of the Franks  744$28.00    
CarlomanKing of the Franks  769$28.00    Also Karloman in German. He was Charlemagne\'s Brother.
Louis the PiousEmperor of the Romans  816$28.00   In the Inscription: The first three letters XPE are Greek for CHRISTE. May Christ Protect Ludwig the Emperor.
Charles II (the Bald)Emperor of the Romans 843$28.00    
Charles the FatEmperor of the Romans  887$28.00   French: Charles le Gros; German: Karl der Dicke. He was the last Ruler (as Emperor of the Romans) whom the West Franks (later the French) and the East Franks (later the Germans) had in common. From 881 to 887 he was Emperor of the Romans but was deposed in 887.
Eudes (Odo)Count of Paris  888$28.00    He was not a Carolingian; however, he filled the gap between two of them. The title \'Count of Paris\' was atributed to him much later long after his death.
Charles le SimpleKing of the West Franks  951$28.00    The last French Carolingian King
RobertKing of France 997     
Henri IKing of France 1035     
Philippe IKing of France 1082     
Louis VI (le Gros)King of France 1108     
Bertrand de ForcalquierCount 1168$38.0058 mm   
Louis VII le JeuneKing of France(obverse + reverse)1175    Louis le Jeune was the first husband of Eleanor of Aquitaune
Philippe II AugusteKing of France 1180     
Isabelle de HainaultQueen of France 1190    Wife of Philippe II Auguste
Foulques Painel secretum12/13th century$28.00    
Louis VIIIKing of France Counterseal of Regency Seal1223     
Philippe III le Hardi (the Bold) 1King of FranceGreat Seal1270     obverse, enthroned
Philippe III, le Hardi (The Bold) 3Counterseal of Regency seal 1285     
Philippe III, le Hardi (The Bold) 2 King of FranceRegency Seal1285     
Philippe IV, le Bel (The Handsone)King of France 1286     
Philippe VI de ValoisKing of FranceGreat Seal1330     
Raimond de Montdragon (2)Countreverse13th century$38.00 (each)69 mm   
Louis IX (St. Louis) 1King of FranceGreat Sealca. 1250     
Louis IX (St. Louis) 2King of FranceGreat Seal1226-1270     
Louis IX (St. Louis) 3King of FranceRegency Seal1226-1270     
Louis IX (St.Louis) 4King of FranceRegency Seal, Counterseal1226-1270     
Guillaume le SesneFarmer 1239$28.00   It is very unusual to find seals of commoners, in particular a farmer, at such an early date.
Raimond de Montdragon (1)Countobverse13th century$38.00 (each)    
Louis X le Hutin (The Headstrong)King of France & NavarreGreat Seal1314-1316     
Charles IV le Bel (The Handsome) King of France & Navarre 1322     
Louis IICount of Flanders and of Nevers, Son-in-Law of the King of France ca. 1340$38.00    
Jean II le Bon (The Good)Great Seal, King of France 1353     
Charles V (The Wise) 1King of France & NavarreGreat Seal1365     
Charles V (The Wise) 2.King of France & NavarreSeal of Absence1376     
Charles V (The Wise) 3Counterseal of the Seal of Absence 1376     
Charles VIKing of France & NavarreSeal of Absence1380     
Philippe II, Le Hardi (The Bold)Regent of France, Duke of Burgundy, Count of Flanders, Artois, etc.Great Seal1392$48.00    
Philippe II, Le Hardi (The Bold)Regent of France, Duke of Burgundy, Count of Flanders, Artois, etc.Countersal1392$38.00    
Louis (younger Son of Charles VI and Isabella of Bavaria-Ingolstadt)Dauphin of Viennois, Count of Valentinois and Diois, Duke of Guyenne 1409$38.00    *1397 ; +1415 The Dauphin in Shakespeare`s Henry V
Henri ChaillauExecutioner 14th century$28.00    
Raoul FoterierNobleman, unknown title 14th century$28.00    
CharlesDuke of Orleans 1417$28.00    
Louis XI (the Spider King)King of France 1461     
Charles I the Bold (obverse)Duke of Burgundy, Lotharingia, Brabant, Limburg, Luxemburg, Count of Flanders, Artois, Geldern, etc. 1467-1477$48.00   Also translated as Charles the Rash (Charles le Téméraire) As Charles II Count of Flanders and Duke of Luxembourg.
Francois IKing of FranceGold Seal for the \'Treaty of the Field of Gold\'1527    Seal (one of s kind) manufactured by Benvenuto Cellini
Francois IKing of FrancelGold Seal. reverse1527     
Catherine de MediciQueen of France, wife of Henri II, mother of Henri III, Francois II and Charles IX 1519-1589     
Henri IIKing of FranceGreat Seal1548     
Francois II & Mary StuartKing & Queen of France & ScotlandJoint Seal (obverse)1549$38.00    
Louis XIVKing of France & NavarreFirst Great Seal (obverse)1643     
Louis XVKing of France & Navarre, regency sealCounterseal1710-1774     
Maria Leszczinska1st Gt. Seal Queen of France and Navarre, wife of Louis XV dtr. of Stanislaus Leszczinski 1725     
Marie Antoinette Queen of FranceGreat Seal1774     
Louis XVI & Marie AntoinetteKing and Queen of FranceImpression of ring seals togetherca. 1778     
Louis XVISecond Great Seal as Constitutional King of France 1790     
Montgolfier BrothersAeronauts 1784$28,00   The only seal in the Archive in Paris in the aeronautics category.
Napoleon Bonaparte 1 Emperor of FranceFirst Great Seal, obverse & reverse1804     
Napoleon Bonaparte 2Emperor of France\'Seal of 100 Days\'1815     obverse
Louis XVIIIKing of FranceGreat Seal1814-15 /1815-24     obverse
Louis Philippe King of FranceGreat Seal1830     
ArlesCity Seal 13th century$38.00    
AvignonCity Seal 1266$28.00    
BayonneCity Seal 13th century$38.00    
CalaisCity Seal 13th century$28.00    
CambraiCity Seal 13th century$28.00    
DijonCity Seal 1308$38.00    
Epinal 1 City Seal (obverse)14th century$34.00    
Epinal 2lCity Seal (reverse)1444$34.00 (each)    
FigeacCity Sealobverse13th century$38.00 (each)    
Haguenau (Hagenau) City Seal (obverse)14th century$38.00    
La Rochelle City Seal12th century$38.00    
Lille City Seal14th century$28.00    
Metz Judicial Seal of the city13th century$38.00    
Muelan City Seal1195$38.00    
Mulhouse (Mühlhausen) City Seal14th century$34.00    
Pamiers City Seal1267$38.00    
ParisCity SealFirst Seal1200$28.00    
Paris, sixth seal\\City Seal1421$28.00    
Saint-Omer City Seal13th century$34.00    
Valeniennes City Seal1337$28.00    
Verdun City Seal1155$28.00    
Chartres Cathedral Seal of the Chapter of Notre-Dame de Chartres1207$28.00    
Mont St. MichelSeal of the Abbey of Mt, St, Michel 1520$28.00    
Paris Notre Dame Cathedral Seal of the Chapter of Notre-Dame de Paris1222     
Paris University Seal of the Theological Faculty)1398$28.00    
Passy Office of the Archdeacon of Passy1253$28.00    
Charles I the Bold (reverse)Duke of Burgundy, Lotharingia, Brabant, Limburg, Luxembourg, Count of Flanders, Artois, Geldern, HaGreat Ducal (equestrial) Seal (reverse)1467-1477$48.00   Also translated as Charles the Rash (Charles le Téméraire) As Charles I Duke of Burgundy, Brabant, Limburg, Lothier (Lothringen). Margrave of Namur, Count Palatine of Burgundy, Count of Artois, Hainault, Holland, Zeeland, Guelders and Zutphen. As Charles II Count of Flanders and Duke of Luxembourg,
Pippin III (the Short) MajordomoRing Seal 741 ca.$28.0023mm   Also: Pepin le Bref or: Pippin der Kurze. Charlemagnes Father. Originally he was Majordomo to the Merowingian king; then he deposed the king and proclaimed himself King of the Franks. This seal is from his time as Majordomo.
Lothar IKing of of the Franks (Lotharingia)  843$28.0030x34mm/47x49   
Charles II the Bald 1King of the West Franks  843$28.0030x38mm 37x45mm   
Charles II the Bald (2)King of the East Franks and Emperor of the RomansSeal as Emperor 875$28.0034 mm/56mm   
Lothar IIKing of the Franks43x48mm 855 - 869$28.0035x43mm   
Louis the PiousEmperor of the Romans  814 - 840$28.0035x43mm  Louis the Pious = Ludwig der Fromme = Louis le Debonnaire
The 12 ApostlesReplica of a French or German Ivory Carving 12th century$68.00   An interesting fact that shows the importance of making copies like ours for preserving important art objects for posterity: These 12 Apostles were completely destroyed in Berlin during World War II. Luckily, some molds had been made from most important art objects in many Berlin museums and we profitet from this and are able now to make this magnificent piece of art available to practically everybody in the world.
Christ in MajestyReplica of Carolingian Ivory Carving 9th century$68.00   One of the best-preserved Carolingian ivory carvings
Crossbow Makers of Paris, FranceSeal of the Guild of Crossbow Makers of Paris 15th century$38.00    
Apothecaries of Paris, France  1350$28.00    
Bridgemaster of Paris, France  1228$34.00    
Spice Merchants of Paris, France  1234$28.00    
Figeac (reverse) City Seal (reverse)13th c     
Nantes Seal of the University15th century$28.00    
Paris University Seal of the Nation de Normandie of the University1395$38.00    
Reims University Faculty of the Two Laws1568$38.00    
Toulouse University Seal of the University1303$28.00    
Rennes University Seal of the University $28.00    
Paris University Seal of the University1292$38.00    
Louis le JeuneKing of FranceGreat Seal (reverse)1175     
Pierre de Courte-HeuseSquire ; Crusader 1276$28.00    
St. Mary in Reims Seal of the Convent13th century$28.00    
Reims ?duplicate?Seal of the Convent 14th century     
University of Orleans (German Nation)Seal of the German Nation 17th century$38.00    
Foulque de Villaret, Frater25th Grand Master of the Order of the Knights Hospitaller 1307$28.00   On the seal we see the title FRATER. He was certainly a Frater of the Order of the Hospiallers; very likely he used additionally a different seal as Grand Master (i.e. between 1305 and 1319, the year of his resignation from that post. Then he continued living simply as a Frater and died in 1327.
Young LoversCast of French Ivory Carving 14th century$38.00    

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