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DublinFirst Seal of the City 1297$38.00 each84 mm   obverse and reverse
DublinSecond seal of the citytwo sided14th century$34.00    
KilkennySeal of the city 13th century$34.00    
John Saunford 1Archbishop of Dublinobverse1290$38.00    
IrelandGreat Seal of Ireland 1655$58.00    
George III (Ireland)King of Great BritainGreat Seal Deputed for Ireland (obverse)1760 1820$48.00    His seal for Ireland was a scaled down version of his Great Seal for Britain
John Saunford 2Archbishop of Dublincounterseal1290$28.00    
MORE IRISH SEALS       More Irish seals can be found under BRITISH RULERS

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