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Architects of St. Peter Cathedral in the Vatican  1500$28.00    
BolognaSeal of the University founded 1111     
PaduaSeal of the University 1530     
Wolfker von Erla (1)Bishop of Passau 1204    Document dated March 30, 1204
Wolfker von Erla (2)Patriarch of Aquilea 1206    Document dated February 23, 1206
Wolfker von Erla (3)Patriarch of Aquilea 1214    Document dated November 24, 1214
CarolusCardinal and Regent of the city of Trento 1613     
Ottobonus de Razzis ( Ottobono de Razzi)Patriarch of Aquilea and Bishop of Padua 1302 - 1315 90 mm ; 3 1/2 in   
Paolo de Campo FregosoCardinal and Regent of the city of Genova 1492     
St. George of FerraraSeal of the Association of St. George 13th century (late)$34.00   Association or Guild. in this context, means a religious Order of Knights
Andrea VendraminiDoge of VeniceLead Bulla1476-1478     
AquileaCity Seal 1300     
Charles Emanuel IKing of Sardinia, as Charles Emanuel III, Duke of Savoy 1737     
Francesco FoscariDoge of VeniceLead Bulla1453 - 1457     
Isabella (Elizabeth)Queen of Sicily 15th century     
Leonardo LauredanoDoge of VeniceLead Bulla1509     
ModenaSeal of the Administration of the Royal Hunt 19th century     
MuranoCity Seal 14th century 52 / 57 mm   
Napoli (Naples)City Seal 14th century     
PaduaCity Seal 14th century     
ParmaCity seal 1460 ca.    Design for the City seal activesometime between1456-1478, engraved by Giovanni Enzola.
Rainutio II FarneseDuke of Parma 1694     
PerugiaSeal of the Archepiscopal See 14th century     
Venetian OfficialBailo Seal 13th century    We believe this seal belonged to a Bailo, but cannot say for certain. We do not have information on the name of the individual.
Welf VIDuke of Spoleto, Sardinia & Corsica) and Margrave of Tuscia 1152 - 1174    Welf VI was the son of Heinrich IX (the Black), Duke of Bavaria.

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