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Eric of PomeraniaAs E.VII King of Denmark, as E.XIII, King of Sweden & Norway, and, as Erich I, Duke of Pomerania 1397-1424$20.00    
Christopher IIIKing of Denmark, and as Christopher I of Sweden and Norway, Lord of Gotland and Wentland 1444$16.00    
Charles VIII, Secret SealKing of Denmark, Sweden &Norway 1448/1470$18.00    
Christian IKing of Denmark, Norway & Sweden and Duke of Schleswig-HolsteinSeal of the {Kalmar)Union1448 - 1481$28.00   King of Denmark & Norway 1448 - 1481; King of Sweden 1457 - 1464; Sw. spelling: Kristian
Christian IIKing of Denmark, Sweden &Norway 1513-1523$18.00    
Christopher III (of Bavaria)King of Denmark, Norway & Sweden, Lord of Gotland and WendlandGreat Seal of the (Kalmar) Union1440-1448 [1444 date of document]$34.00   Christopher of Bavaria, as Christoffer (III.) af/av Bayern, King of Denmark: 1440-1448; and of Norway: 1442-1448; as Kristof av Bayern, King of Sweden 1441-1448
Christain IIKing of Denmark, Norway & Sweden and Duke of Schleswig-HolsteinHeraldic Seal of the (Kalmar)Union1513 - 1523$34.00   Son of Hans, grandson of Christian I. In Sweden, known as Kristian II Tyrann, his rule was 1520-1521
Erik of PomeraniaKing of Denmark, Norway & Sweden. Duke of PomeraniaGreat Seal of the Kalmar Union1412-1439$48.00   for Denmark: Erik (af Pommern) VII 1412-1439); for Norway: Erik (av Pommern) III 1389-1442; for Sweden: Erik (av Pommern) XIII 1396-1435 and 1436-1439; for Pomerania: Erich I, Duke of Pomerania (Pommern), specifically Stolp and Stargard 1449-1459

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