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Childerich I(Merowingian) King of the Franks  458-481$28.00    The first historically documented Merowingian king. His sealing ring had been found in his grave, then it was stolen; however, an impression had remained, from which our copy was derived.
Dagobert I(Merowingian) King of the Franks30mm 628$28.0020mm  since 523 King of Austrasia; King of all Franks 628 - 638
Merowingian ringProbably a Majordomocopper ring seal6th or 7th century$28.00   Original owner not known - now in Wieber museum.
(St.) Siegebert IIIKing of Austrasia15 mm 638 (ruled: 634-656)$28.0012mm (our smallest seal)*   Son of Dagobert I, also spelled: Sigibert and Sigebert . His St. day: February 1 * actually, there is an even smaller seal: see Elisabet von Kleve who impressed a tiny seal onto her small seal (a seal impression on a seal impression!).
Pippin III (the Short) MajordomoRing Seal 741 ca.$28.0023mm   Also: Pepin le Bref or: Pippin der Kurze. Charlemagnes Father. Originally he was Majordomo to the Merowingian king; then he deposed the king and proclaimed himself King of the Franks. This seal is from his time as Majordomo.

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