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Therese KunigundeDuchess in Bavaria 1722$24.0040 mm  (*1676, †1723) daughter of Jan III Sobieski, King of Poland (since 1695 2nd wife of Max II Emanuel)
Johannes (Jan Slepy, John the Blind)King of Bohemia and Poland and Count of Luxembourg 1323$48.003 5/8 in.  The feathers on the helmet of John the Blind play a very important role in English history. In a battle against Edward the Black Prince John the Blind was killed. Edward admired his adversary very much and to honor him he plucked two feathers from his helmet to incorporate them later in his seal for the Duchy of Lancaster. Since those days all seals for the Duchy of Lancaster show these two feathers. One can also see them still today on the British two pence coin.
Breslau (Wroclaw)Seal of the City of Breslau 1368$38.00   Wroclaw is the original name of the city. Later Germanized into Breslau; after 1945, in Poland, again Wroclaw.
Bütow or Bytów (Pommern)Seal of the City of Bütow 1329$34.00   formerly German, now in the Woiwodeship of Pomerania ln Poland
Danzig ( now Gdansk)Seal of the City of DanzigFirst Seal of the City1299$38.00    
Danzig (Gdansk)Seal of the City of Danzig Seal of the City1350$38.00    
Danzig (Gdansk) 3Minor Seal of the City of DanzigCity Seal1412$28.00    
Danzig (Gdansk) 4 Seal for Certificates1582$28.00    
Elbing (Elblag) City Seal1350    In West Prussia, now Poland
Glogau (Glogow)  1326     In the Lower Silesian Voivodeship in Poland
Gollnow (Goleniów) (Pommern) City Seal13th century (early)    In Pomerania. Hanseatic city in the 14th century. Now in Poland
Köslin (Koszalin) (Pommern) City Seal13th century$28.00   formerly German, now in the Woewodeship West Pomerania in Poland
Marienburg (Malbork)  13th century    The main seat of the Germanic (Teutonic) Order In West Prussia near Danzig, now Poland
Posen (Poznan) 1 City Seal13th century    in Westpreußen (West Prussia) now Poland
Posen (Poznan) 2City Seal 15th century    in West Prussia, now Poland
Schippenbeil (Sepopol) Town or Hundred Seal1440$28.00   Ostpreußen (East Prussia), now Poland
Schivelbein (Swidwin) (Pommern) Town or Village Seal1382$28.00    in Pommern (Pomerania) now in the Woivodeship West Pomerania in Poland.
Schlawe (Slawno) Pommern First Seal of the City1317    in Pommern (Pomerania)
Schweidnitz (Swidnica) in Schlesien City Seal1315    in Schlesien (Silesia)
Stettin (Szczetin) (Pommern) City Seal1250    in Pommern (Pomerania)
Stolp (Slupsk) (Pommern) City Seal1317    in Pommern (Pomerania), now in the Woiwodeship Pomerania in Poland
Thorn (Tarun) (West Prussia) City Seal13th century    in Westpreußen (West Prussia) now Poland
Treptow (Trzebiatów) (Pommern) City Seal14th century    in Pommern, Pomerania, Pomorze now Poland
Zanow (Sianów) (Pommern) Town Seal (obverse)14th century$28.00   in Pommern (Pomerania), now Poland
Maria Leszczinska1st Gt. Seal Queen of France and Navarre, wife of Louis XV dtr. of Stanislaus Leszczinski 1725     
Przemyslaw IIDuke of Poland & Krakow 1290 3 3/4   
Bogislaw VDuke of Pomerania Wolgast & Stolp and Prince of Ruegen 1339     
Kasimir III (The Great)King of Poland, Duke of Krakow, Sandomir, Radom, etc. 1345     
GargoyleReplica of a Polish Renaissance Gargoyle 16th century$38.00    Originally adorned an entrance door in Poland
All Smiths of Danzig, Germany  1650$28.00    
Pastry Bakers of Danzig  1650$28.00    
Jan Slepy (John the Blind)King of Bohemia and Poland 1310-1346$48.003 5/8  Count of Luxembourg
Wenceslav IIKing of Bohemia, Lord of Poland II 1271-1305$48.004 1/8 in   
Philipp IDuke of Stettin, Pomerania - Wolgast 1532 - 1560 67/76 mm   
Otto IDuke of Pomerania - Stettin 1295 -1344$38.00    

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