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Anklam (Pommern)Seal of the City of Anklam 1284$38.00   in the German State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Bütow or Bytów (Pommern)Seal of the City of Bütow 1329$34.00   formerly German, now in the Woiwodeship of Pomerania ln Poland
Demmin (Pommern)Seal of the City of Demmin 1265$28.00    In Mecklenburg - Vorpommern (Pomerania)
Garz (Rügen) (Pommern) Town Seal (obverse)14th century 73 mm \' 3 in  First documented in 1319, the smallest and oldest town on the Isle of Rügen in the State of Mecklenburg - Pommern (Pomerania)
Gollnow (Goleniów) (Pommern) City Seal13th century (early)    In Pomerania. Hanseatic city in the 14th century. Now in Poland
Greifswald 1 (Pommern) City Seal1365$48.00    
Grimmen (Pommern) City Seal1304    in the German State Mecklenburg - Vorpommern (Pomerania)
Köslin (Koszalin) (Pommern) City Seal13th century$28.00   formerly German, now in the Woewodeship West Pomerania in Poland
Lassan (Pommern) City Seal14th century    In The German State Mecklenburg - Vorpommern (Pomerania)
Rostock (Pommern) City Seal1257    Hanseatic City in the German State Mecklenburg - Vorpommern (Pomerania) Rostock has the oldest University in Northern Europe (1419)
Schivelbein (Swidwin) (Pommern) Town or Village Seal1382$28.00    in Pommern (Pomerania) now in the Woivodeship West Pomerania in Poland.
Schlawe (Slawno) Pommern First Seal of the City1317    in Pommern (Pomerania)
Stettin (Szczetin) (Pommern) City Seal1250    in Pommern (Pomerania)
Stolp (Slupsk) (Pommern) City Seal1317    in Pommern (Pomerania), now in the Woiwodeship Pomerania in Poland
Straslund 1 (Pommern) Third Seal of the City1317    In the Grman State Mecklenburg - Vorpommern (Pomerania)
Straslund 2 (Pommern) Fourth Seal of the City1329$38.0093 mm  in Pommern (Pomerania) Brass matrix still preserved in the City Archive f Stalsund
Treptow (Trzebiatów) (Pommern) City Seal14th century    in Pommern, Pomerania, Pomorze now Poland
Tribsees (Pommern)Seal of the City of Triebsees 1349$28.00   In the State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern . Now a very small town. Has an intersesting church: the St.Thomas church, named after St.Thomas a Becket.
Usedom (Pommern) (Secretum) Secret Seal of the city14th century$28.00   in the German State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Part of the isle of Usedom (Uznam) belongs to Poland.
Wismar (Pommern) City Seal1365$38.00   in the German State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Zanow (Sianów) (Pommern) Town Seal (obverse)14th century$28.00   in Pommern (Pomerania), now Poland
Bogislaw VDuke of Pomerania Wolgast & Stolp and Prince of Ruegen 1339     
Greifswald 2 (Pommern) Secret Seal of the city (Secretum)13th century$28.00   In the German State Mecklenburg - Vorpommern (Pomerania)
Erik of PomeraniaKing of Denmark, Norway & Sweden. Duke of PomeraniaGreat Seal of the Kalmar Union1412-1439$48.00   for Denmark: Erik (af Pommern) VII 1412-1439); for Norway: Erik (av Pommern) III 1389-1442; for Sweden: Erik (av Pommern) XIII 1396-1435 and 1436-1439; for Pomerania: Erich I, Duke of Pomerania (Pommern), specifically Stolp and Stargard 1449-1459
Greifswald UniversityAcademia GryphicaSeal of the University17th century    Founded in 1456 as Acadwmia Gryphica now existing under the name Ernst Moriz Arndt Universität Greifsqald
Rostock UniversityAlma Mater RoseochiensisSeal of the University15th century    Founded in 1418
Philipp IDuke of Stettin, Pomerania - Wolgast 1532 - 1560 67/76 mm   
Otto IDuke of Pomerania - Stettin 1295 -1344$38.00    

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