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Margarethe von MaultaschDuchess of Carinthia and Tyrol 1463$34.00 ; $38.00 w. wide rim61 mm  *1318, +1383 2nd wife of Ludwig V, Duke of Upper Bavaria and Elector of Brandenburg; married in 1342 and 1359 {in 1341 the Emperor Ludwig IV (the Bavarian) by force ended Margaret’s unhappy marriage to Margrave Johann Heinrich of Moravia and married her to his son Ludwig V with the purpose of obtaining Tyrol for Bavaria }
Elisabeth von CleveDuchess in Bavaria 1405$34.0054 mm  *1378, married 1401 (2nd wife of Stephan III ‘der Kneißl’) On her small seal, additionally, one can see a tiny ring impression, i.e. this is a seal impression on a seal impression. This secondary impression is by far the smallest seal impression we have ever seen. Her seal has two more interesting features: The inscription is in German (rather in Latin) and she depicts herself not in a pious standing position but in armor on a horse with a jousting lance! She was a quite liberated woman. Hurra für Elisabet!
Therese KunigundeDuchess in Bavaria 1722$24.0040 mm  (*1676, †1723) daughter of Jan III Sobieski, King of Poland (since 1695 2nd wife of Max II Emanuel)
Heinrich VII of LuxemburgDuke of Bavaria 1040 – 1047 74 mm  {this is the oldest existing seal of a Bavarian ruler} Heinrich III, King of the Holy Roman Empire for many years also had the title of Duke of Bavaria and gave Bavaria to Heinrich VII.
Heinrich IX (The Black)Duke of Bavaria, Count of Altdorf 1125     of the house of Welfen (Guelphs)
Heinrich XII (The Lion)Duke of Saxony and Bavaria 1172 87 mm   
Otto II (The Illustrious)Duke of Bavaria 1233 82 mm   
Heinrich XIIIDuke of Lower Bavaria 1281 90 mm   
Ludwig IV (The Bavarian)Count Palatine of the Rhine and Duke of Bavaria 1306 78 mm  the future King & Emperor
Ludwig IVKing of the Holy Roman Empire 1328 95 mm   
Ludwig IVEmperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1338 85 mm   
Albrecht I of StraubingCount Palatine of the Rhine and Duke of Bavaria 1363 97 mm   
Ludwig XDuke of Bavaria 1516 74 mm  After 1514 he was co-ruler of Bavaria with his brother Wilhelm IV, Ludwig being in control of Landshut-Straubing and Wilhelm of München- Burghausen. He allowed the printing and distribution of Martin Luther‘s works in his territory. After his death in 1545, Wihelm became the sole ruler.
Otto HeinrichCount Palatine of the Rhine as ‘Vicarius’ of the Holy Roman Empire 1558 102 mm   
Wilhelm VCount Palatine of the Rhine 1577 51/68 mm  later Duke of Bavaria
Maximilian ICount Palatine of the Rhine and Duke of Both Bavarias (Upper and Lower) 1597 – 1623 64/84 mm  after 1623 first Elector of Bavaria
Karl VII AlbrechtEmperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1743 118 mm   
Carl TheodorCount Palatine of the Rhine and Elector of the Holy Roman EmpireGreat Armorial Seal as Count Palatine and Elector1742– 1799 110 mm   
Max I JosephFirst King of Bavaria, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Bavaria, Franconia and SwabiaGreat Seal1808 122 mm  same person as Max III Joseph
Ludwig IKing of Bavaria, Count Palatine of the Rhine. Duke of Bavaria, Franconia and Swabia 1825 – 1848 122 mm   
Ludwig IIKing of Bavaria, Count Palatine of the Rhine. Duke of Bavaria, Franconia and Swabia 1864 122 mm   
Regensburg 1 First Seal of the City1190$38.00   in Bayern (Bavaria), Oberpfalz
Regensburg 3 City Seal1460$38.00   in Bayern (Bavaria), Oberpfalz
Locksmiths, Gunsmiths & Watchmakers in Selb, Harzberg &Tirsheim, Germany  18th century$28.00   Selb is in the German State Bavaria (Oberfrabken)
Mint Lords of Regensburg, Germany  1270$34.00   The seal depicts the Bishop of Regensburg and the Duke of Bavaria as Mintlords of the city. Regensburg is in Bavaria (Oberpfalz)
Needlers in Nürnberg, Germany  17th century$28.00   Nürnberg, also spelled Nuernberg, by Anglo-Saxons mutilated to Nuremberg. Nürnberg is in the German State of Bavaria
Pewterers of Landshut, Germany  18th century$34.00   Landshut is in Bavaria near München
The Holy Ghost Spital in München, Germany  1426$38.00    
St. Catherine Spital in Regensburg, GermanySeal of the Master of the St.Catherine Hospital 1290$28.00    
St. John Spital in Regensburg, Germany  1290 approximately$28.00    
Bridgemaster of Regensburg, Germany  1307$38.00   Regensburg is in the German State of Bavaria (Oberpfalz)
Merchants in Augsburg, Germany  17th century$28.00    Augsburg is in Bavaria, Germany
Fabian Weickmann(Titular) Bishop of Philadelphia (in Arabia) and Auxiliary Bishop of Eichstätt, Germany 1519 [tenure 1514 - 1526]$38.00   Philadelphia in Arabia, now Amman in Jordan
Ludwig IDuke of Bavaria 1227 80 mm   
Ludwig IIDuke of Bavaria 1250 80 mm    
Rudolf ICount Palatine of the Rhine and Duke of Bavaria 1313 90 mm   
Rudolf IICount Palatine of the Rhine and Duke of Bavaria 1329 – 1355 90 mm   
Ludwig IVEmperor of the Holy Roman Empirecounterseal to his seals as King and Emperorca. 1320 45 mm   
Ludwig IVEmperor of the Holy Roman EmpireGold Bulla, obverse & reverse1328 52 mm   
Heinrich XVDuke of Lower Bavaria, Count Palatine of the Rhine 1322 83 mm   
Albrecht I of Straubing‘Ruward’ (Governor) of the Netherlands 1359 91 mm   
Heinrich XVI (The Rich)Duke of Bavaria – Landshut 1422 82 mm   
Ludwig IX (The Rich)Duke of Bavaria-Landshut 1477 70/90 mm   
Georg (The Rich)Duke of Bavaria-Landshut 1490 73/94 mm   
Wilhelm VCount Palatine of the Rhine And Duke of Both Bavarias 1597 77 mm   
Max II EmanuelCount Palatine of the Rhine, Main Duke of Both Bavarias, Archmarshall of the Holy Roman Empire 1680 85 mm   
Max II EmanuelCount palatine of the Rhine, Main Duke of Both Bavarias, Archtreasurer of the Holy Roman Empire 1680 94 mm   
Max III JosephDuke of Both Bavarias, the Upper Palatinate and Swabia, Count Palatine of the Rhine 1766 101 mm   
Max III JosephCount Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Both Bavarias, etc. etc.minor seal1799 60 mm   
Carl TheodorElector of the Palatinate of the Rhine and Vicarius of the Holy Roman EmpireGreat Seal as Vicarius of the Holy Roman Empire1792 year of doc. Tenure as Vicarius: 1792 - 1799 124 mm  Tenure as Elector of the Palatinate 1742 - 1799. In 1777 he became also Duke of Bavaria.
Lorenz von BibraBishop of Würzburg and Duke of Franconia 1509    Herzog von Franken
Würzburg CathedralChapter of the Cathedral in Würzburg 1262 75 x 54 mm  Depicted: St. Kilian Patron Saint of Würzburg
Anna von BraunschweigDuchess in Bavaria, wife of Albrecht III 1440$28.0055 mm   

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