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FalconersReplica of the cover of a French Ivory mirror Case 14th century$48.00    
Falconers (2)Replica of French Ivory carving 14th century$34.00    
Jousting Scene Replica of a French Ivory Mirror Case 14th century$38.00   Jousting. Tilting
The Chess GameReplica of a French Ivory Mirror Case 14th century$38.00    
Two LoversReplica of Italian Ivory Mirror Case ca. 1410$38.00    
The 12 ApostlesReplica of a French or German Ivory Carving 12th century$68.00   An interesting fact that shows the importance of making copies like ours for preserving important art objects for posterity: These 12 Apostles were completely destroyed in Berlin during World War II. Luckily, some molds had been made from most important art objects in many Berlin museums and we profitet from this and are able now to make this magnificent piece of art available to practically everybody in the world.
Christ in MajestyReplica of Carolingian Ivory Carving 9th century$68.00   One of the best-preserved Carolingian ivory carvings
Roman Casket PanelsReplica of Roman Ivory Carving (3 scenes) 5th century$44.00 (each)   The first panel depicts Pontius Pilatus washing his hands, the second shows the crucified Christ (with the inscription REX IVD on the top rim) with Judas having hanged himself, the third the two Maries and the sleeping guards at the tomb.
GargoyleReplica of a Polish Renaissance Gargoyle 16th century$38.00    Originally adorned an entrance door in Poland
Bohemian Oven TileCast of a medieval tile from the city of Prague depicting four Roopers (medieval soldiers) 1350 ca.$48.00   The German name for Roopers is: Reisige.at first referring to just mercenary soldiers, lates in particular to riders
McKnightReplica of Scoch Tape dispenser 20th century$34.00   Probably commemorating Mr. McKnight, the president of the 3M company
UnicornReplica of a plaque in the shape of a jousting shield depicting a unicorn with fleur-de-lys. 1560 ?$38.00    
Swiss ChristmasCast from a Swiss cookie mold depicting family Christmas scene, Father is dressed as St. Nicholas. 1800 ca.$48.00   The gingerbread depicts a Swis family at Christmas. The father is dressed up as St. Nicholas. Gingerbreads like this were typical Christmas presents of the last centuries.
MusiciansCast from a German cookie mold 1720 ca,$38.00    
Falconer ornamentCast of a German cookie mold/ornament 1720 ca.$28.00   Cookies, instead of baked but cast in wax (and sometimes painted} were the first Christmas ornaments
Falconer cookie moldReplica of a German cookie mold 1650 ca.$28.00    
Young LoversCast of French Ivory Carving 14th century$38.00    
UnicornClay impression of a Harappan SealClay Impression2500 - 1500 BCE$28    
Proto ShivaClay Impression of a Harappan SealClay Impression2500 -1500 BCE$18.00    
ElephantClay Impression of a Harappan Seal 2500 - 1500 BCE$18.00    
The Virgin and Child Leaf of French Ivory Diptych 14th century$68.00    

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