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Thomas a BecketArchbishop of Canterburypersonal seal, also used as counterseal1118-1170$28.00 or 48.00 (available in two versions)   The smaller seal version shows only the face of the impression of his ring seal. This ring seal was impressed on his private correspondence. It served also as counter seal on the reverse of his seal as archbishop which, alas, we do not have yet. Originally, it was a Roman intaglio depicting a standing Jupiter. The lager version shows the whole reverse of this seal as reconstructed by us from a 19th century etching.
Richard de Marisco (Marsh)Bishop of Durham 1217-1226$38.0078 x 46 mm   
John Saunford 1Archbishop of Dublinobverse1290$38.00    
Thomas WolseyCardinal and Lord Chancellor, Archbishop of York 1515$48.00    
Thomas CranmerArchbishop of Canterbury Counselor of Henry VIII 1532$48.00    
Antonius (Antony Bek)Titular Latin Patriarch of Jerusalemhis seal as Patriarch1306 - 1311$48.00105 mm  He was Bishop of Durham. He was also named Patriarch of Jerusalem on February 26, 1306 by Pope Clement V. Edward II made him Lord of the Isle of Man.
John Saunford 2Archbishop of Dublincounterseal1290$28.00    

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