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Name: Falconers
Title: Replica of the cover of an ivory mirror case
Date: 14th century, French
Price: $38.00
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Name: Hugo IV
Title: Count Palatine of Tübingen
Date: 1247 - 1267
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Name: Hugo V
Title: Count Palatilatine of Tübingen
Date: 1259 - 1277
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Name: Johann IV
Title: Count Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Bavaria, Lord of Hainault, Holland and Zeeland
Date: 1460 - 1483
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Name: Knights Templar (4)
Title: Wildgraf Master of the Knights Templar
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Name: Mermaid
Title: cast from a marzipan mold, probably by Hans Kraut
Date: 15th century (early)
Price: $34.00
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