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Name: Fra' Ferdinand Joseph Hermann Anton von Hompesch zu Bolheim
Title: Frater Freiherr von Hompesch Gr. Master of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem ( = Order of Malta)
Date: 1787 - 1799
Price: $28.00
Order Seal

Name: Heinrich IX (The Black)
Title: Duke of Bavaria, Count of Altdorf
Date: 1125
Order Seal

Name: Ludwig X
Title: Duke of Bavaria
Date: 1516
Order Seal

Name: Merowingian ring
Title: Probably a Majordomo
Date: 6th or 7th century
Price: $28.00
Order Seal

Name: Pippin III (the Short)
Title: Majordomo
Date: 741 ca.
Price: $28.00
Order Seal

Name: Welf VI
Title: Duke of Spoleto, Sardinia & Corsica) and Margrave of Tuscia
Date: 1152 - 1174
Order Seal

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