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Name: Augustus II (1)
Title: Signet ring, King of Poland
Date: 1706
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Name: Augustus II (2)
Title: King of Poland, (Friedrich August I as Duke of Saxony)
Date: 1730 ca.
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Name: Bogislaw V
Title: Duke of Pomerania Wolgast & Stolp and Prince of Ruegen
Date: 1339
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Name: Jan Slepy (John the Blind)
Title: King of Bohemia and Poland
Date: 1310-1346
Price: $48.00
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Name: Johannes (Jan Slepy, John the Blind)
Title: King of Bohemia and Poland and Count of Luxembourg
Date: 1323
Price: $48.00
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Name: Kasimir III (The Great)
Title: King of Poland, Duke of Krakow, Sandomir, Radom, etc.
Date: 1345
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Name: Kasimir IV
Title: King of Poland & Grand Duke of Lithuania
Date: 1475
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Name: Maria Leszczinska
Title: 1st Gt. Seal Queen of France and Navarre, wife of Louis XV dtr. of Stanislaus Leszczinski
Date: 1725
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Name: Otto I
Title: Duke of Pomerania - Stettin
Date: 1295 -1344
Price: $38.00
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Name: Philipp I
Title: Duke of Stettin, Pomerania - Wolgast
Date: 1532 - 1560
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Name: Przemyslaw II
Title: Duke of Poland & Krakow
Date: 1290
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Name: Richeza (Rycheza)
Title: Queen of Poland, Wife of Mleszko II, Mother of Kasimir I
Date: 1054
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Name: Sigismund Stary (The Elder)
Title: King of Poland
Date: 1563
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Name: Stefan Batory
Title: King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania, Russia, Prussia, Masovia, Samogita, Livonia, Etc. and Princ
Date: 1578
Order Seal

Name: Therese Kunigunde
Title: Duchess in Bavaria
Date: 1722
Price: $24.00
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Name: Wenceslaus II or III
Title: Kings of Bohemia as Dukes of Mazovia and Lords of Poland
Date: 1278-1305/1305-1306
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Name: Wenceslav II
Title: King of Bohemia, Lord of Poland
Date: II 1271-1305
Price: $48.00
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Name: Wladislaw II Jogaila
Title: King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania
Date: 1351-1434
Order Seal

Name: Wladislaw IV
Title: (Lokietek, The Short) Duke of Krakow and Sandomir, Prince of Kujawy
Date: 1306
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