Name: Fra' Ferdinand Joseph Hermann Anton von Hompesch zu Bolheim
Title: Frater Freiherr von Hompesch Gr. Master of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem ( = Order of Malta)
Type of Seal: Prersonal Seal
Date: 1787 - 1799
Price: $28.00
Comments: He was the 71st and, up to that time, first and only German Grand Master of St. John of Jerusalem ( = the Order of Malta }, a position he occupied from 17 July 1797 to 6 July 1799. In order to preempt Napoleon from becoming the Grand Master of the order, Ferdinand von Hompesch abdicated from his position in favor of the Russian Czar Paul. (Actually, this is only a very condensed version of the real circumstances which are more complex). For more information use Google.

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