Name: Victoria (2b)
Title: Queen of Great Britain, Defender of the Faith
Type of Seal: Second Great Seal (reverse}
Date: 1837
Price: $58.00 (each) or 68.00 (in de-luxe version)
Size: 160mm (6 1/4 inches)
Inscription: (on the obverse): None ; (on the reverse): VICTORIA DEI GRATIA BRITANNIARUM REGINA FIDEI DEFENSOR
Comments: Note that this seal counts as the "Second Seal" because Queen Victoria used the seal of her predecessor, William IV as her "First Seal" while her real seal, this one, with her own image on it, was still being engraved. To give you an idea of how busy Queen Victoria's Sealing Office was, it suffices to say that after Queen Victoria's death in 1903, her sealing office had such a backlog that it worked full time for another year and a half affixing seals to documents issued during her lifetime.

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