Name: Praha 1 (Prag, Prague)
Title: City Seal
Type of Seal: 38.00
Date: 1330
Size: 86mm ; 3 3/8 in
Comments: Depicted: St. Venceslav (Vaclav) A real event connected with this seal drastically demonstrates the importance that seals had in the Middle Ages: The wife of the mayor of the city of Praha was bathing her children in a tub in her kitchen and gave them the seal matrix to play with. Then she poured the sudsy water (with the seal) out of the window. A citizen who was passing by found the seal and ran with it to the city council. They, in turn, marched with some soldiers to the mayor, grabbed him and beheaded him right in front of his house for disrespecting the most important legal device of the city.

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Bohemia - Cities

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