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Your Life Stories Review and Bonus by Alessandro Zamboni – Discover The 37 Secret Questions To Write Your Life Story Like a Pro, And The Method To Sell Thousands Of Copies To The Public

Your Life Stories Download

Your Life Stories by Alessandro Zamboni is the solution you need. Your Life Stories Review & Bonus : no holds barred review exposes the TRUTH about how to profit

Alessandro Zamboni is back, this time with an incredible Kindle and paper books launch. He has published “Your Life Stories”, the course which shows you, step by step, how to write, publish and advertise your own autobiography. An autobiography is a record for you to leave for those who love you, for the next generations and for avoiding your life lessons getting lost forever. We all had a grandfather or a grandmother we loved, and without their autobiography, all their important life moments are gone, and soon forgotten. Forever. I bet you would like to be able to read them, instead. Don’t let this mistake happen to you. Stop and write your own autobiography. Thanks to Alessandro’s guide, you have the incredible chance to create your best one ever. Forget having second thoughts. Now you have the chance to record the best moments of your life, and make them available forever, to your loved ones and to your friends, part of an incredible big audience eager to read it. Go, now it’s your moment!

Your Life Stories is made for people who want to create their autobiography from zero, and then publish it on Amazon as a Kindle and paper book. Creating an autobiography is an incredible travel inside ourselves, and there are many things your customers must know to create a perfect autobiography and sell thousands of copies. This course gives all they need to become expert publishers of the most important book of their life. The most creative method ever seen online, to create your autobiography or a gorgeous memoirs book for you, your friends, family and a lot of people you still don’t know. Don’t lose the chance to start a new business, different from anything else you did until now. A totally new experience that will enrich you day by day, in every term. My guide is a breath of fresh air in a saturated world like the Kindle and paper books one, because I’m not going to announce books with a lot of competitors, but something new and requested by people: autobiographies and memoirs! You will be able to create your autobiography in no time, without the usual learning curve in this genre and on the classic secrets authors tend to keep to themselves…This is a study and a research that needed months to be completed, with a lot of trial and errors. So you can start with an advantage from my discoveries, and get ready to write your first autobiography. Success is just one step away, will you take it? You Have The Chance To Focus On a Hot Genre. And Write a Book Different From Any Other. Don’t Lose Time Thinking. This Is The Best Way To Earn a Solid Income With Kindle And Paper Books!

This is something that you need. Do you want to find out how Your Life Stories Review and Bonus by Alessandro Zamboni – Discover The 37 Secret Questions To Write Your Life Story Like a Pro, And The Method To Sell Thousands Of Copies To The Public will skyrocket your income?

Download Your Life Stories here :

Your Life Stories Review and Bonus by Alessandro Zamboni – Discover The 37 Secret Questions To Write Your Life Story Like a Pro, And The Method To Sell Thousands Of Copies To The Public Your Life Stories Review

Your Life Stories review

Your Life Stories

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Your Life Stories OTO / Upsell :

OTO1 shows how to sell the service for creating biographies on demand. A superb service you can sell for $1,000 to $2,500 a hit, and one that is requested a lot nowadays.

OTO2 is a collection of my latest Kindle releases, offered for a great price.

OTO3 is the collection of all the one-time-offers of previous products.

OTO4 is my superb high-ticket Kindle video course, going

“Your Life Stories” gives you the chance to create your own autobiography or memoirs book by following simple steps.

  • Learn how to write your autobiography or memoirs book in the easiest way.
  • Beginner-friendly, no technical skills required at all.
  • Easy method, where you follow my questions to create your new book.
  • A growing and stable market, where you will be able to sell with my secret.
  • My trick to reach your best audience in no time, and sell thousands of copies.
  • UNLIMITED MARKET – Think about how your life events can impact the life of your readers all over the world.

This Is The Most Rewarding Book You Will Ever Write In Your Life.

  • An easy process to follow that brings real results.
  • No difficult tasks, no headaches. This book is about you.
  • With my 37 questions, you will write it in a breeze.
  • You get my complete plan, from start to finish.

This Method Is Totally Different From Anything You Have Seen Around Until Now.

Inside “Your Life Stories”, you will learn:

  • ?What are autobiographies and memoirs.
  • ?How to find the perfect audience for your autobiography.
  • ?The 4 types of autobiographies and memoirs you can create.
  • 12 different models of autobiographies you can create.
  • How to create a timeline and a story plot from zero.
  • The power words you can use in your text to make it more dynamic.
  • How to beat writer’s block.
  • 37 questions to ask yourself to create your autobiography.
  • The secret to sell countless books.
  • How to create a perfect autobiography/memoirs cover.
  • How to edit and proofread your book.
  • How to format your book.
  • How to publish your book on Kindle, and as a paper book.
  • 7 methods to bring free traffic to your autobiography.
  • And much, much more!

There Are Countless Advantages In Joining My “Your Life Stories” Guide.

  • There’s little competition in a lot of “genres”.
  • People love to read engaging autobiographies.
  • You can earn more by publishing one autobiography than 100 normal books.
  • You can build your business with ease, because it’s all about you.
  • It’s easy to pile up commissions the way I show you!


The most creative method ever seen online, to create your autobiography or a gorgeous memoirs book for you, your friends, family and a lot of people you still don’t know.

  • ?Autobiographies are famously popular and proven to sell.
  • ?People love to read them to get to know the secrets of people.
  • ?This is a genre that has worked like crazy for a lot of years.

3 Steps To Create Your Masterpiece!

  • STEP 1
    Get ready to write your autobiography, or just a memoir.
  • STEP 2
    Answer my 37 questions, or your desired part only.
  • STEP 3
    Edit your book, and publish it on Amazon.

Here’s What You Get Today, When You Purchase My Product

The definitive guide to write your own autobiography, or a set of memoirs, and get in front of a public interested in reading your story. The best method you have ever seen, complete with a secret method to sell, and 7 free traffic strategies.

Discover the best and fastest way to gather details about your family genealogy, where to search for it and how to organize your details.

Inside The “Biographies And Memoirs” Category, There’s Still a Lot of Space To Place Your Book.

That’s Why People Are Eager To Read New Amazing Books, And Yours Would Be One Of Them.

Let’s Make a Recap Of What You Will Get Today…

  • ?The guide “Your Life Stories”
  • ?The bonus guide “Your Genealogy”

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

“Your Life Stories” is a method that works, and that makes you happy, because you are able to sell the books you create. But if it doesn’t work for you, or your don’t like the method, I will issue a refund on your request. Just send an email message to, and I will guarantee your refund in 48 hours. I’m 100% confident this is a top quality product, and that if you will take advantage of it as soon as you can you will start seeing results.

This is my third email about Your Life Stories, but I’ve been so touched by what Alessandro Zamboni has written, that I want to convince the few of you that haven’t jumped on this yet. Apart from the first big guide he created, there is a one-time-offer that is way too valuable to be left on the shelf. In this second guide, he shows you how to write biographies for other people, and get paid up to $2,500 to do it. Inside this guide he features a humongous list of questions to ask to your customer to finally be able to write the biography without any hassle. It’s simply incredible. OTO2 is all about his latest Kindle releases, a set of incredible products sold for a low price. Don’t lose this chance. If you need any help with products, Alessandro is always supportive and helpful, so don’t hesitate to contact him if you need any help. Now there’s one step to separate you from total realization, and it’s the purchase of Your Life Stories.

Inside “Your Life Stories”, Alessandro takes you by the hand, and shows you how to discover everything you need to write inside an autobiography or a memoirs book. He will show you a way to reveal all your most important memories, to create the most important book of your life. Answering the 37 questions inside his book, you will get your book ready, and you will get access to memories you lost, and you wouldn’t be able to recall. His book is a gem, and just reading it made me jump back to my most important moments of my life. Don’t lose the chance to create and sell your autobiography, through the methods he shows you. You will feel empty without doing this, a fundamental action to preserve your memories forever. Don’t leave this opportunity, and you will thank me later.

forget about wasted time end payment high price,. Your Life Stories is something I’ve been waiting for, I had seen these kinds on many sites before but didn’t now of any tool that could create like Your Life Stories. My advice don’t wait around, jump in! Your Life Stories will pay for itself as soon as you start using it.

Your Life Stories Review

Your Life Stories is the best software on the market right now (as far as I know). Your Life Stories comes with easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. is good news for online bussiness. Your Life Stories by Alessandro Zamboni Bonus

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